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Yellowfin Tuna

As one of the prized catches around the coastline for recreational fishermen, yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) are fast, dogged, and powerful fighters.  Adults are identified by a sickle-like anal and second dorsal fins together with long pectoral fins.  Yellowfin tuna have a robust body which tapers towards its crescent-shaped tail.  The yellowfin tuna's skin coloring is dark blue above, shading to yellow and silvery underneath, often with a yellow or blue band along the flanks.  All of its finlets are bright yellow.  An important commercial species, yellowfin tuna flesh is generally a light pink/red color.   Yellowfin tuna have become a popular grilled fish while the highest-grade yellowfin is prepared raw for sushi and sashimi.  Yellowfin tuna can grow to 180 kg, but a 60 kg fish is considered a notable achievement.

How to Catch:

  • Most successful catches are made with live bait including yellowtail, mackerel, striped tuna, and pilchards.

  • Trolled mullet and garfish.

  • Drifting longline fishing.

  • Squid lures, kona-heads, knuckleheads, spoons, and feathers.


  • Extremely long second dorsal fins which are bright yellow in mature fish.

  • Bright yellow anal fins and pale white spotted underbelly with distinct stripes.

  • Shaped like a guided missile and runs with the bait or lure on contact.

  • Yellowfin tuna are strong fighters, running hard and deep when hooked and circle the boat towards the end of the fight.

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