Bluefin Tuna Farming

Dolphin-Safe Policy

EUROPACIFIC TUNA LTD is committed to protecting the dolphins, and we are steadfast in our company policy to save dolphin lives.

This policy states that:

  1. EUROPACIFIC TUNA LTD and its affiliates will not purchase any tuna caught in association with dolphins.

  2. EUROPACIFIC TUNA LTD and its affiliates refuse to purchase tuna caught with gill or drift nets, which are known to be dangerous to many forms of marine life.  EUROPACIFIC TUNA LTD condemns the use of these indiscriminate fishing methods that trap dolphins, whales, and other marine life along with the intended catch of fish.

We remain committed to this policy and require that all tuna we purchase is dolphin-safe.  Fishing methods used to capture live tuna for farming operations are by-catch friendly and comply with our dolphin-safe policy.  Our dolphin-safe policy includes all products marketed by EUROPACIFIC TUNA LTD. 

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